Nursery Trend- Modern Schoolhouse Collection

And the fun continues!  I'm excited to introduce the second children's art collection for Randi King Design named 'Modern Schoolhouse'.  This collection was inspired by my 2 year old son, Oskar.  He has officially learned to climb out of his pack n' play as well as his crib (AH, stress!).  Needless to say, a transition to a big boy bed is definitely in order.  He is changing rooms to make space for our little girl's arrival, so I thought it might be fun to change things up a little bit for him.  We are constantly being told that our son is extremely "curious" and I am assuming that many of you parents might feel the same about your kiddos.  I just adore this quality of learning and exploring without the parameters that we adults seem to put on ourselves from the pressures of this thing called "life".  The schoolhouse theme seemed to vibe as Oskar and I are learning every day over here-everything from colors, types of trucks, animal noises and names.  We are at BASIC level here, people.  But I am so thrilled to be learning new things and relearning some old with my little guy (school girl at heart).  I truly hope you have time to meander in my children's art shop to see how the trend ties together with this new collection named, "Modern Schoolhouse".  Stay tuned for some styled shots of this line as well as more to come!

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