Tips for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall Layout

Gallery Wall Tips + Tricks

by Randi King Design

Here's the deal, friends.  Wall art can be daunting.  So here is a breakdown to consider when you are about to tackle that empty wall space that is begging for some inviting eye candy.


First things first, collect an array of prints/images that you love and make you oh so happy.  Some can be purchased art, but don’t forget to get creative and look through magazines, old books, items from travel, flea markets, etc.  Art doesn't have to cost a fortune (my shop is a case in point), so if you don't have a lot to spend, fear not.  When looking at art, don't worry if you have all shapes and sizes.  Make sure to include at least one oversized image to anchor the rest.



Make the prints feel more cohesive by using the same color frames or matching frame mats.  For instance, all white frames, make a wall look clean and less chaotic.  But have some fun, feel free to add in some elements of surprise like a unique sized picture or gold/pine frame for a pop.


Lay all of your frames down on the floor to test out the look you are going for.  Place the largest image down first and think of it as an "anchor" of sorts.  A good approach would be to have the largest image slightly off-centered from the middle of wall space (behind a dining table, couch, etc.).  It looks best to hang large and medium pieces 2-3 inches apart, and smaller pieces 1.5-2.5 inches apart.  If you place them too far apart, they can look out of place or disconnected.  It works best to vary the size and orientation of the art- and don't be afraid to go asymmetrical.  Think vertical, horizontal, big picture, small picture, repeat.  Also, a good rule of thumb is single artwork should be hung at eye level or approximately 60 inches from the floor to the center of the art piece. When hanging two, three or four pieces of art, treat them as one and still hang them 60 inches from the floor to the center of the grouping.


Don't be scared!  But do be PATIENT.  Rope in a friend or family member to help you hang up your now curated gallery wall.  If you don't like patching holes, try taking the paper out of each frame and taping it on the wall for balance/placement.  If you are not afraid of a little putty due to a mistake, feel free to eyeball as you go while continually stepping back and squinting your eyes to check for balance.  Larger pieces might need two nails, where smaller might just need one small nail.  See below for some visuals of a couple of amazing format options that I LOVE and are easy to attain. 


The Organic Approach

Great for a curated eclectic feel.  Mix and match, but make sure to use a large image to anchor the set.

Click image for source

The Ledge Approach

Easy peasy, once the shelf is installed.  Layer different sized prints to slightly overlap as a way to ensure balance.

Click image for source

The Grid Approach

Select 3, 4, 6 or 9 images and place them same frame, evenly spaced.  A simple way to create clean lines.

Click image for source

The Balance Approach

One or two will do the trick.  Go with a bigger sized piece of art and evenly stack them vertically or horizontally. 

Click image for source

And viola!  I hope you find this super helpful in dealing with that pesky wall space.  My goal in this is to encourage you all to make your home a place that you LOVE and want to share with others.