Everyone says doesn't have to be complicated.  Just make something simple, we'll bring something.  We nod our heads and accept, but when we go to actually are about to open our home to the people we love, or host a party, we immediately start thinking that our home isn't ready--not clean enough, not enough food, "is menu too simple?", "is that chair outdated?", "do I need more decor?" and as a reaction to the flood of questions that pour into my brain- I start running around like a madwoman.  This is probably the way some of us are wired and might be wired for the rest of our lives.

But even after going through the racing flood of feelings, I can help but think--most of my fondest memories in life did not revolve around the fanciest foods, fanciest cocktail or most adorably decorated houses--but do in fact revolve around being around a table, near a bon fire, playing a game---where I can't remember what exactly they served, but I can remember laughing until tears were down my face and my mascara was smeared on my cheeks.  Or those moments when you feel so incredibly blessed because I have people to walk through life with and to celebrate the little or big things or encourage you when life's circumstances have you feeling extremely blue.

I think a lot of us don't love inviting people in to our homes because, well- the fear is too great.  There is a multitude of reasons, and I have experienced the all-- It's just too much work, I am not a great cook, I don't have time, or my house is just a mess and I just don't feel like it.  And that's okay.  Like I said, we are all wired differently.  I do, however, feel that the fear is something worth overcoming because there is more to having people over then impressing them--it's about inviting them to share in your life's journey.  It's about showing love to others.  Whether it's ordering a pizza or making a cake for a 3rd birthday, people just love being loved.  Don't you?  Don't you adore being invited to someone's house even if you can't make it?  Or when people remember your birthday and share with you why you are special to them?  These are the things that make life special.

And so, my mission in this company is to not lose sight of what matters.  Celebrating others does not have to be over the top or lavish.  It needs to feel right to you-- feel natural and doable with your family and commitments.  There is no right or wrong way to invite others into your life journey but from my experience it makes life more rich.  So that's my thoughts for the day- take them or leave them but felt it on my heart to share.  XOXO   


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