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I am so excited to announce that Randi King Design has officially launched a line of customizable invitations!  I have dreamed of this day for far too long, and I am finally taking the necessary leap to make it happen. My goal in this is to encourage people that celebrating is a beautiful thing, but it doesn’t have to be hard.  I wanted to design beautiful invitations that have a custom feel without the custom timeline required—because as we all know, planning these special get togethers always entails some last minute running around (cue the “Pre-Party-Panic”, as it has been dubbed in my family). However, the hope is that with a little help, your special event doesn’t have to look last minute. Rather, it can be a party that makes your bride or mama-to-be feel as loved and cherished as you know they are.

And what has the behind-the-scenes of this endeavor looked like?  It has been a summer full of playing with Oskar while he's awake, and throwing the toys out of sight (because it, ahem, "hinders my creative process". HA.) the second his head hits the pillow. Oh, and don’t forget lighting up the candles any chance I could get.  

I have been designing feverishly, trying to get the perfect print vendor, photographer, packaging and website (with the help of so many talented people) in order to create a line of shoppable invites that attained the boutique feel we all know and love.

I am so hoping that you enjoy this collection and will journey along side of me as I pursue creating more designs that are the perfect fit for you.  I will be sharing design tips, inspiration as well as real life celebrations and craziness from my little corner of the world.  Next steps will include working on a line of gallery wall prints that can be easily mixed and matched—so stay tuned! 

Randi King

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