Oskar + Solie's 1st Birthday


Where has the time gone?  Oskar is officially 1 and totally running the show...in the best way possible.  This past weekend my sister and I threw a combined birthday for our littles who are only 3 weeks apart in age, and already the best of buds—or so we think.  It was casual, and quite honestly what you would call a last-minute-affair, but we went with a tropical summer theme and had a blast.  We spent the evening hanging with all three sides of family, eating chicken tacos, coconut shrimp, and playing in the driveway (with 9 kids all jonesin' for a spin in Solie's hot new ride...aka her red wagon).  It was a simple, sweet and celebratory get-together, and was so special to Alex and I. We are super thankful to have a fantastic support system and to be able to share the joys of Oskar's life with our family.  It makes the journey so much richer and sweeter.  

Which brings me to Oskar's new love for cake.  He was a little shy with his cupcake at first, but it didn't take him long to discover the sugary goodness that is frosting and chocolate. And sure enough, he devoured the whole thing like the champ I know he is (resulting in a healthy amount of said goodness smeared all over his body). A true birthday SUCCESS!  Now, back to teaching him how to devour those veggies...