Inspiration- Free phone background

Hello friends!

We made it through (HALF) of the week.  It feels like a small victory, as my husband, son and I are all battling colds this week all at the same time.  Let's just say I am already looking forward to the weekend (and the beauty that is rest, relaxation & no more colds).   Today, however, I started to feel myself again & went to a meeting that made me feel giddy about what I do for a living.  I was overcome with the feeling of excitement & inspiration to design—it's absolutely thrilling, and it brought me back to this quote my sister shared with me recently.  I completely agree with the concept behind this—great work comes from the perfect combination of being inspired and the discipline to do the work.  It's a great reminder to keep hustlin' so that when inspiration hits, you can create things that are noteworthy.  Hope this phone background inspires you like it did me, and is a fun reminder to you in your daily grind.




Phone Wallpaper (click once to open jpeg):