Gratitude- free desktop & phone background


Happy Tuesday, y'all. 

I realized it was time to create another wallpaper background when I looked down at my phone only to see "Tis the season" staring back at me.  As I debated which quote to display on the front, I stumbled upon this one: "Interrupt worry with gratitude".  I loved the concept of "interrupting" worry.  To me this translated to intentionally stopping worry by forcing gratitude.  You may be thinking forcing gratitude seems aggressive, but I thought of it as a way to train our minds to be positive about our surroundings.  We all naturally want to grumble about less-than-ideal situations rather than stop and smell the proverbial roses.  But consider the alternative— gratitude in all things. I know I would rather live a life of joy and contentment than a life full of grumbling and discontent.  So I created a daily reminder for myself to be grateful-- and hopefully for you as well!  If not, it's a free phone/desktop background, right?


Desktop Wallpaper (click once to open jpeg):

Phone Wallpaper (click once to open jpeg):

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