Wedding Trend- Fall Figs, Copper & Greenery

Wedding Trend - Fall Figs, Copper & Greenery

Hello friends!  This board was inspired by my youngest sister who is engaged to be married in the fall.  She is just starting to jump into wedding planning, so this weekend we were scouring the web for bridesmaids dresses in shades of evergreen and maroon.  Weddings these days are so fun because you can go a million different directions! While I am a fan of the soft pastels that brides tend to love (because who doesn't want to be the romantic, blushing bride?), it was a blast to look for wedding inspiration that was slightly different.  I made a wedding trend board for all you fall/winter brides that are starting to plan your big day.  Wishing you a wonderful planning process- and remember to enjoy the planning.  My theory is anticipation is half the fun!