Trend- Lighten Up


Happy fall, friends!  I have the bounce back in my step with all this crisp air and 70 degree weather.  Today, I found myself pondering the traditional fall color palette- rustic reds, burnt orange, tans, navy & shades of evergreen.  I truly love to see these colors pop up in store fronts, coffee shops or in home decor, simply because it is a refreshing change from summer brights & it means FALL IS HERE.  

However, there really aren't too many rules anymore about do's & don'ts when it comes to expression- especially fashion.  I mean, we did over rule no white after labor day, right?  Why not continue to keep things light, airy & welcoming?  Oh believe me, I still love fall colors, but I was inspired by refreshing hues of mauve, light tan & fall whites today, so I made a trend board with all my excitement.  Enjoy!