Rushing is for Amateurs


Do you ever get mad at yourself for rushing out of your car, spilling your coffee on your new off-white shirt while managing to bump your head on the roof of your car? Ouch.  

Sometimes I wonder if these things happen to me more than the average joe. I rush to finish one task, then I am off to the next...and repeating.  Checking things off my to-do list is my pride and joy (yes, I am one of those people), but I have recently been realizing that this is a blessing and a serious curse.  Reality:  the to-do list doesn't end in any season of your life.  

So why should I become a victim to it?  I would rather leave time to bring my friend a coffee, have a great belly laugh, call my Uncle who I haven't seen in a year, or take a drive for the sake of exploring with my husband.   

I recently read a book called the Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst and felt convicted about my rushed nature.  Not only do I want to be a friend, wife, coworker, and sister that is present, I want to be a designer who enjoys the process & time that goes into each project as well.  I'm learning to enjoy being inspired simply for the sake of being inspired, and learning to put thought into each and every design with the sole purpose of bringing joy to the person receiving it.  

The other day while we were camping, my husband reminded me how special stationary design is - it is a way of connecting people & thinking of others.  It reminded me why I design for people and why it's so dang rewarding.  

The bottom line is that "rushing is for amateurs".  And I will keep on telling myself this until it becomes a way of life, I want to listen to my mom and add more margin in my life.  Maybe not so much for the sake of discipline, but more for the sake of spontaneity, love, talent & lots & lots of belly laughs.