Fall Inspiration


I have been in the "real world" for 3+ years now.  That being said, you would think my calendar year would start on January 1st.  However, I can't seem to make my mind believe that.  For me, the beginning of the year starts with Fall (school girl at heart, right?).  It's a time that I look at what I am doing with my life, how I am treating the people I love, (and hopefully the people I don't), what new activities I can involve myself in, and what dreams to pursue.  Of course, this Fall is no different.  Fall fashion, for me is a way of thinking "how can I express myself, portray myself, and who do I want to be"?  Sitting down to make this board was mostly fun but also inspiring.  I wanted to share new ideas, different looks and most importantly, new goals.  The biggest thought that ran through my mind was "start somewhere".  Sometimes social media can be a blessing and a curse.  I find it inspiring but can occasionally become paralyzed by watching others excel.  I think to myself, "they are further ahead of me in their pursuits", or "they have had more opportunity than I have in this area".  My response to my silly self is "NO"!  So, this Autumn, I choose to focus on my own journey - what a novel idea!  All I know, is that to get somewhere, you have to start somewhere.  You can't compare journeys - you need only to enjoy your own experiences, passions, and dreams.  So happy Fall!  I hope you can find some fresh inspiration for yourself! Oh, and don't worry...you can ALSO set new goals for yourself on January 1st too :)

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