Quarter of a Century


Hello friends!  Welcome to my blog.  This past October, I turned another year older (and hopefully another year wiser)!  It may be because I am growing into my own skin, personal tastes and preferences, but I have recently been fascinated by the fact that everyone is so truly and completely different.  I have caught myself thinking, "Wow! I would never even think to cook that, visit that city, or hang that up on a wall, but it looks incredible!"  Weddings are another great example of this.  The most amazing thing about these celebrations is that each one I attend is so different than the one before.  Each couple incorporates their own personal touches which reflect their own unique personalities.  We must remember to embrace people's differences because this is what makes "world go 'round"!  It is a journey in which you can continue to learn from the people around you, and often take the valuable things you learn from them with you as you grow as a person.   We are all unique human beings, and doing graphic design for people is a way in which I can tangibly capture that.  Randi King Design has made it a goal to represent your individuality because you are important and different from anyone else out there!  Pretty cool to think about.  To remind myself of this, I made my own little inspiration board of my own personal style and flavor.  Enjoy! :)