Oskar + Solie's 1st Birthday

Where has the time gone?  Oskar is officially 1 and totally running the show...in the best way possible.  This past weekend my sister and I threw a combined birthday for our littles who are only 3 weeks apart in age, and already the best of buds—or so we think.  It was casual, and quite honestly what you would call a last-minute-affair, but we went with a tropical summer theme and had a blast.  We spent the evening hanging with all three sides of family, eating chicken tacos, coconut shrimp, and playing in the driveway (with 9 kids all jonesin' for a spin in Solie's hot new ride...aka her red wagon).  It was a simple, sweet and celebratory get-together, and was so special to Alex and I. We are super thankful to have a fantastic support system and to be able to share the joys of Oskar's life with our family.  It makes the journey so much richer and sweeter.  

Which brings me to Oskar's new love for cake.  He was a little shy with his cupcake at first, but it didn't take him long to discover the sugary goodness that is frosting and chocolate. And sure enough, he devoured the whole thing like the champ I know he is (resulting in a healthy amount of said goodness smeared all over his body). A true birthday SUCCESS!  Now, back to teaching him how to devour those veggies...

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The Journey of Motherhood

It's been a wild year for the King household, with the birth of our first son, Oskar Avery, working full time and cranking out some freelancing on the side the minute my little man’s head hits the pillow.  And of course, there’s cooking meals, taking care of a house, spending time with each other & our families, getting involved in church and hanging with our buds. All amazing things to have on our plate, but things nonetheless. We have so enjoyed this journey of parenthood, and although at times it has been overwhelming, it truly has felt like we have naturally changed and grown through the process.  Who would’ve thought in the throes of sleepless nights and baby food found in places I didn’t know existed, that I not only can handle motherhood, I adore it. It's amazing that we have felt exactly what everyone tells us we will feel—an inexplicable love for our growing family that has brought a whole new perspective and meaning to our life.

I am convinced that we as humans can handle a lot more than we think we can.  We are strong and capable, and although I didn't think it possible that I could feed a baby from my body(!), wake up in the middle of the night, go back to work a 40 hour week all while doing the things that WE love, we can! WE CAN!  It is a liberating feeling knowing that we were designed to love on these little humans that we bring into the world. And we can do it that way that works for our family.

And then there is the other side of the story—the feeling of being in a constant state of overload, and longing for a calming peace in the midst of this beautiful crazy thing that we call life.  This year, I have longed for flexibility, more time with my son, and more time to spend designing for people that are going through big & bold life transitions—weddings, babies, new businesses, and so on.  After many months of prayer and conversation, our family decided we needed to make a change.  I quit my job and threw away the security of my regular paycheck, with the hope of building a life that looked different than the life we were currently living.  I am currently at home with Oskar and freelancing during nap times and evenings—and although I am surprisingly just as mentally & physically tired by the time the sun sets as when I worked a full time job, I am at peace with my decision.  Being at home more and creating margin for whatever God has in store for me in these days or years to come has become crucial to me. My husband has certainly made a huge sacrifice in order to make this possible—and for that, I am so incredibly grateful.

My decision has felt right for us, but I love the fact that everyone can do parenthood differently.  There is no right answer on how to do this parenting thing, but we have a chance to mold and make our lives into how we imagined doing it.  I am excited for this new adventure and all I can say is YOU GO, MOM! YOU GO, DAD!  YOU GUYS DO YOU!  Love on that little one with all that you have, and do what is best for your family.  This is just the very beginning of a new chapter for me, but I am so incredibly grateful for where I am at, and I want to choose to live in that gratefulness every day—whether the sun is shining, everything is peachy or just hard as hell.  This is life, and I choose to celebrate the goodness along the way!


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Inspiration- Free phone background

Hello friends!

We made it through (HALF) of the week.  It feels like a small victory, as my husband, son and I are all battling colds this week all at the same time.  Let's just say I am already looking forward to the weekend (and the beauty that is rest, relaxation & no more colds).   Today, however, I started to feel myself again & went to a meeting that made me feel giddy about what I do for a living.  I was overcome with the feeling of excitement & inspiration to design—it's absolutely thrilling, and it brought me back to this quote my sister shared with me recently.  I completely agree with the concept behind this—great work comes from the perfect combination of being inspired and the discipline to do the work.  It's a great reminder to keep hustlin' so that when inspiration hits, you can create things that are noteworthy.  Hope this phone background inspires you like it did me, and is a fun reminder to you in your daily grind.




Phone Wallpaper (click once to open jpeg):

The Finished Product- Nursery

Hello friends!  For those of you who don't know, I am getting awfully close to having our first baby boy (due June 3rd!).  Even though this is completely unknown territory for us, we get increasingly more excited about meeting our little man & are looking forward to the thrills of parenthood as his arrival gets closer- crazy how that happens!  Things have been busy around here in the last few months between work, freelancing & getting ready for the baby!  A couple of posts back, I shared a nursery inspiration board on the blog.  I will be honest, I mostly created it to help me reign in all the ideas floating around in my head (a good ol' designer trick).  However, today I finally get to share some images of the final product!  I had such a blast working on this with my husband- he is such a great sport when it comes to house projects & painting- not to mention he is quite the handy man these days and for that I am so grateful!  


Rug/Overstock.com, Rocker/Target, Lamp/Target,Side Table/Hobby Lobby, Dresser with leather pulls/DIY, shelves/DIY, crib/JCPenney,Storage Basket/Homegoods, Curtain Rods/Bed Bath & Beyond,Curtains/Target




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Style Guide- Ironwood Films

Ta Da!  I am so excited to show you the final results of a recent branding project I have been working on for Ironwood Films, a videography company based in Idaho.  I love making style guides because it always helps me understand the story behind the brand and what the owner wants to convey to their customers.  Brands are often a reflection of personality- incorporating the owners past experiences and where they are headed.   I am looking forward to seeing more of the amazing videography work by Kelly Martin of Ironwood Film's!  Check out some of her videos at vimeo.com/ironwoodfilms.  Not to mention, I am officially craving the mountains....ENJOY!