Inspiration- Free phone background

Hello friends!

We made it through (HALF) of the week.  It feels like a small victory, as my husband, son and I are all battling colds this week all at the same time.  Let's just say I am already looking forward to the weekend (and the beauty that is rest, relaxation & no more colds).   Today, however, I started to feel myself again & went to a meeting that made me feel giddy about what I do for a living.  I was overcome with the feeling of excitement & inspiration to design—it's absolutely thrilling, and it brought me back to this quote my sister shared with me recently.  I completely agree with the concept behind this—great work comes from the perfect combination of being inspired and the discipline to do the work.  It's a great reminder to keep hustlin' so that when inspiration hits, you can create things that are noteworthy.  Hope this phone background inspires you like it did me, and is a fun reminder to you in your daily grind.




Phone Wallpaper (click once to open jpeg):

The Finished Product- Nursery


Hello friends!  For those of you who don't know, I am getting awfully close to having our first baby boy (due June 3rd!).  Even though this is completely unknown territory for us, we get increasingly more excited about meeting our little man & are looking forward to the thrills of parenthood as his arrival gets closer- crazy how that happens!  Things have been busy around here in the last few months between work, freelancing & getting ready for the baby!  A couple of posts back, I shared a nursery inspiration board on the blog.  I will be honest, I mostly created it to help me reign in all the ideas floating around in my head (a good ol' designer trick).  However, today I finally get to share some images of the final product!  I had such a blast working on this with my husband- he is such a great sport when it comes to house projects & painting- not to mention he is quite the handy man these days and for that I am so grateful!  


Rug/, Rocker/Target, Lamp/Target,Side Table/Hobby Lobby, Dresser with leather pulls/DIY, shelves/DIY, crib/JCPenney,Storage Basket/Homegoods, Curtain Rods/Bed Bath & Beyond,Curtains/Target




Style Guide- Ironwood Films


Ta Da!  I am so excited to show you the final results of a recent branding project I have been working on for Ironwood Films, a videography company based in Idaho.  I love making style guides because it always helps me understand the story behind the brand and what the owner wants to convey to their customers.  Brands are often a reflection of personality- incorporating the owners past experiences and where they are headed.   I am looking forward to seeing more of the amazing videography work by Kelly Martin of Ironwood Film's!  Check out some of her videos at  Not to mention, I am officially craving the mountains....ENJOY!

Mood Board- Ironwood Films


Happy Monday!  After a much needed relaxing weekend, it was certainly tough for me to gear up for another insanely busy work week.  However, I am absolutely thrilled to share a sneak peak into my latest branding project for Ironwood Films, a videography company owned by a Minnesota native gal.  The creative soul behind this company, Kelly Martin, now resides in Idaho.  The company reflects her  love for the outdoors and mountains.  Of course, it is only fitting that a piece of her love is incorporated into her business and logo.  A lot of her work reflects the culture of where she lives, including elements of the outdoors and more of a rugged/organic feel, but she is certainly not limited to that aesthetic.  This adventurous and versatile videographer is open to all kinds of weddings, because she believes that a wedding is a reflection of a couple's unique personality.  Stay tuned to see the end result coming to the blog soon!

Valentine's Day- Free phone background


Hello friends!  

As I sat down to design something Valentine's Day inspired for you, the phrase that kept replaying in my head was something my dad said to me and my three sisters every day growing up.  As a matter of fact, he still says it to me every time I see him.  Without fail, he'll take a moment out of his day to give us a hug, look us in the eye and say, "Have I told you I love you today?"  

As another Valentine's Day approaches, I was finding myself wondering if Alex and I should even bother celebrating, or if we should put the kibosh on this commercialized and seemingly arbitrary holiday.  But today, I remembered that Valentine's Day is simply a much-needed reminder to tell your friends and family that you love them.  It can be in the simplest of ways or the most extravagant.  A simple handwritten note or a roomful of roses (go your inner McDreamy circa Sweet Home Alabama). 

The thing is, the way in which you tell them isn't important— it only matters that you TELL that person that you love them.  My realization made me rethink Alex and I's (nonexistent) plans for Valentine's Day, and come up with a fun way to tell him that I love him to pieces.  

That being said, I hope you fully take advantage of your Valentine's Day, as well as this fun little reminder I made for your phone!


Phone Wallpaper (click once to open jpeg):

Nursery Trend- Playful Geometrics


Graphic designer problems:  you start to view everything as a potential trend inspiration board.  The struggle is real.  With our little boy arriving in June, I figured it was about time to start dreaming up his nursery. I decided I might as well put the madness in my head to rest and actually make a board to organize my thoughts and reign in my ideas.  I couldn't help but work the theme around a turquoise colored vintage truck I saw, as well as the playful and bright rug pictured above.  The truck reminded me of my husband (his dream car).  Maybe ONE day he will actually own it— that is, when we have a 3-car garage and cash to spare.  The rug I thought would add a much needed splash of color to offset all the neutrals I naturally gravitate to.  I mean, he is just a kid right? Thinking some color will help stimulate his little brain:)  Hope you enjoy!  For more information on where everything is from, click links below.

Stay tuned to see the end result-hopefully sooner, rather than later!


1. Prints by Minted 2. Tapestry is DIY 3. Chair by Nursery Works 4. Lamp by Target 5. Ottoman by Grandinroad 6. Sheets by Oh Joy, Target 7. Crib by All Modern 8. Changing Table by All Modern 9.  Rug by Ikea 



Happy Tuesday, y'all. 

I realized it was time to create another wallpaper background when I looked down at my phone only to see "Tis the season" staring back at me.  As I debated which quote to display on the front, I stumbled upon this one: "Interrupt worry with gratitude".  I loved the concept of "interrupting" worry.  To me this translated to intentionally stopping worry by forcing gratitude.  You may be thinking forcing gratitude seems aggressive, but I thought of it as a way to train our minds to be positive about our surroundings.  We all naturally want to grumble about less-than-ideal situations rather than stop and smell the proverbial roses.  But consider the alternative— gratitude in all things. I know I would rather live a life of joy and contentment than a life full of grumbling and discontent.  So I created a daily reminder for myself to be grateful-- and hopefully for you as well!  If not, it's a free phone/desktop background, right?


Desktop Wallpaper (click once to open jpeg):

Phone Wallpaper (click once to open jpeg):

Wedding Trend- Fall Figs, Copper & Greenery

Wedding Trend - Fall Figs, Copper & Greenery

Hello friends!  This board was inspired by my youngest sister who is engaged to be married in the fall.  She is just starting to jump into wedding planning, so this weekend we were scouring the web for bridesmaids dresses in shades of evergreen and maroon.  Weddings these days are so fun because you can go a million different directions! While I am a fan of the soft pastels that brides tend to love (because who doesn't want to be the romantic, blushing bride?), it was a blast to look for wedding inspiration that was slightly different.  I made a wedding trend board for all you fall/winter brides that are starting to plan your big day.  Wishing you a wonderful planning process- and remember to enjoy the planning.  My theory is anticipation is half the fun!

Color Mood- Icy & Vibrant


Ice, ice baby!  It is a truly frigid winter day here in Minnesota, full of negative temperatures and heartbreak for our beloved Vikings team.  I have managed, for the most part, to stay inside and admire the sunny snow and winter beauty from afar.  My spark of inspiration for this mood board started when I saw the brush photo (top center) posted by A Beautiful Mess & fell in love.  It's amazing how these stand alone soft pastels create such a vibrant color story when placed together.  I'm dreaming of how pretty all of these colors would be for a wedding, mixed in with coppers or rose gold.

Cheers & stay warm!

2016 Referral Program


Hello friends!  It's officially 2016 and I am happy to be ringing in the new year with exciting projects and fresh ideas (they are literally dancing through my head)!  I wanted to share some great news with you!  I am giving away $50 gift cards to friends that refer to Randi King Design to three clients who book during 2016.  Not too hard right?  Just because Christmas is over, doesn't mean the shopping has to stop!  Just spread the word to three friends that are looking for branding, wedding invites or other custom work and a $50 gift card to any store/restaurant is YOURS! Looking forward to meeting and working with you in the near future.  


Tis' The Season- Free Desktop & Phone Background


Hello friends!  Tis' the season!  Everyone celebrates this time of year differently & uniquely, but hoping that this holiday season finds each of you experiencing joy and gratitude!  I designed a holiday background for those of you like me who occasionally get the urge to freshen up your phone or desktop wallpapers & prepare to get in the holiday mood.  Cheers!

Desktop Wallpaper (click once to open jpeg):

Phone Wallpaper (click once to open jpeg):

Trend- Lighten Up


Happy fall, friends!  I have the bounce back in my step with all this crisp air and 70 degree weather.  Today, I found myself pondering the traditional fall color palette- rustic reds, burnt orange, tans, navy & shades of evergreen.  I truly love to see these colors pop up in store fronts, coffee shops or in home decor, simply because it is a refreshing change from summer brights & it means FALL IS HERE.  

However, there really aren't too many rules anymore about do's & don'ts when it comes to expression- especially fashion.  I mean, we did over rule no white after labor day, right?  Why not continue to keep things light, airy & welcoming?  Oh believe me, I still love fall colors, but I was inspired by refreshing hues of mauve, light tan & fall whites today, so I made a trend board with all my excitement.  Enjoy!

Rushing is for Amateurs


Do you ever get mad at yourself for rushing out of your car, spilling your coffee on your new off-white shirt while managing to bump your head on the roof of your car? Ouch.  

Sometimes I wonder if these things happen to me more than the average joe. I rush to finish one task, then I am off to the next...and repeating.  Checking things off my to-do list is my pride and joy (yes, I am one of those people), but I have recently been realizing that this is a blessing and a serious curse.  Reality:  the to-do list doesn't end in any season of your life.  

So why should I become a victim to it?  I would rather leave time to bring my friend a coffee, have a great belly laugh, call my Uncle who I haven't seen in a year, or take a drive for the sake of exploring with my husband.   

I recently read a book called the Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst and felt convicted about my rushed nature.  Not only do I want to be a friend, wife, coworker, and sister that is present, I want to be a designer who enjoys the process & time that goes into each project as well.  I'm learning to enjoy being inspired simply for the sake of being inspired, and learning to put thought into each and every design with the sole purpose of bringing joy to the person receiving it.  

The other day while we were camping, my husband reminded me how special stationary design is - it is a way of connecting people & thinking of others.  It reminded me why I design for people and why it's so dang rewarding.  

The bottom line is that "rushing is for amateurs".  And I will keep on telling myself this until it becomes a way of life, I want to listen to my mom and add more margin in my life.  Maybe not so much for the sake of discipline, but more for the sake of spontaneity, love, talent & lots & lots of belly laughs.


Nicole + Tyler's Fall Wedding


Nothing like kickstarting fall by submersing yourself in the hunt for the perfect fall foliage.  For invites that is.  Nicole + Tyler's wedding invites were designed with with the intention of being modern, casual & reflective of lots of burnt orange & the fast approaching season- fall.  I wanted to give this Upper East side couple something special to invite all of their new friends and old friends to celebrate in their home state of Minnesota at the beautiful Mill City Museum.

Trend- Scandinavian & Fresh


Greetings friends!  I have recently been inspired by Scandinavian interior design.  In simple words, it could be described as modern lines, industrial accessories, light pines, stark whites paired with fresh greens.  For those of you looking for something organic but not your typical "rustic" look, consider this Nordic industrial look with pops of copper and fresh greens.  The idea got me clamoring to plan another wedding which won't be happening so figured I would pass along the idea!

Also, if you are engaged have wedding stationary needs, I would love to hear from you!  I have tons of design ideas swirling around my head right now and am ready to take on more projects.


Tuesday Mood


As much as I love the minimalist look and feel and the ever increasing amount of black, white & clean lines, I can't help but adore COLOR.  My husband rarely goes shopping with me, but when he does, he usually points to something melon, mint or orange and says, "Hi Randi, this reminds me of you!".  I always smile, laugh and wish he pointed to something black & sophisticated looking that reminded him of me instead ;)  Oh well.  Happy Tuesday everybody!  For those of us not in an office, enjoy the sunshine for us all, will you?

Woven & Wed Launch!


Today is the day.  Woven & Wed has officially launched!  I am so glad this sunny blonde moved back from California and asked me out for coffee to catch up and dream about our creative pursuits together.  A couple months later, with lots of hard work and pure talent, her new wedding planning & styling company, Woven and Wed, is in full swing.  I was able to translate her amazing calligraphy skills into this fresh and clean logo.   If you are recently engaged or looking to throw a fabulous event, make sure you check out today.   Also, make sure you follow Britt on her @wovenandwed Instagram account to see her beautifully styled posts.  Photo credit:

Be Strong & Courageous


I recently have been inspired by this original Martinique Banana Leaf wallpaper, created by decorator Don Loper in 1942 for the Beverly Hills Hotel.  It excites me that the snow has melted, and pretty soon, we will be seeing green leaves, plants & trees everywhere after a bleak, cold winter.  The tropical vibe clearly hints at my excitement for spring to evolve into summer (pushing the seasons, I know).  The quote itself was taken from Lara Casey, a new favorite author of mine who wrote "Make it Happen", a book encouraging woman to live on purpose.  If you are anything like me, I often find myself being cast down by worries of tomorrow, to do lists, unreached dreams, all of which leave me feeling like I just don't have enough time in the day to do it all!  After reading "Make it Happen", I decided that something needed to change in my life.  I needed to prioritize my day based on what was important, accomplish the things I set out for that day & not sweat the rest.  I believe I was made by my creator for a purpose, so why wasn't I looking at each day as a reflection of that?  This print is a reminder I made for myself & my fellow women out there in the same struggle to live with a purpose & not get lost in the battle of worry or fear.